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Crowdfunding Considerations for
K-12 School Districts

What K-12 school districts need to know about the risks of crowdfunding sites, and the 7 areas that districts need to consider when evaluating a platform

About The Guide

There is no doubt that crowdfunding (online fundraising) is an extremely beneficial way to close America's Education Funding Gap. However, with the increase in the number of education crowdfunding requests also comes a number of unintended consequences that pose a serious legal and financial risk to K-12 school districts.

That’s why recent reports from state auditors and school board associations have recommended that school districts evaluate their online fundraising guidelines and the platforms available to their district.

Understanding the specific risks your school district faces, and finding the right crowdfunding platform to facilitate this type of online fundraising can be challenging because there are so many different factors to consider. 

That's why this guide provides insight and a real example of the problem crowdfunding is creating for K-12 school districts, and also examines the 7 areas that a district should consider when evaluating a crowdfunding platform. Simply enter your information to download the guide.

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