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The Family Engagement Program:

Livingtree supports family engagement for one reason: to positively impact student learning in school.

Livingtree is proud to partner with Dr. Steve Constantino, a national expert and much sought after practitioner in family engagement. Unlike most technology available to educators, Livingtree understands that technology is a vehicle, not a driver of better learning outcomes for students. That’s why we emphasize professional development to build the capacity of school staff to successfully engage families and to understand how that engagement is impacting student learning. We know from research that in order to improve systems, we must change the culture…and that’s exactly what we do.


Livingtree Family Engagement 

Is your district ready to truly invest in family engagement to produce better student outcomes? The Livingtree Family Engagement Program was developed in partnership with national family engagement expert Dr. Steve Constantino to truly transform your district with the knowledge and tools to ENGAGE EVERY FAMILY!

Engage Every Family

Create a Culture that Engages Every Family

Truly transform the culture of your district by building an awareness and understanding of the power that family engagement has on a child's education. This includes district-wide training on the "Why" of Family Engagement.

Build the Capacity of Staff to Engage Every Family

Build your staff's capacity to actually engage every family through meaningful two-way conversations, building trusting relationships, and creating a welcoming environment. This includes district-wide training and workshops on the "How" of Family Engagement.

Implement the Technology to Engage Every Family

Implement a unified technology that not only engages every family, but measures the effectiveness of that engagement against targeted student learning outcomes. Your staff will understand how to engage and promote the efficacy of families through a modern platform.

All professional development and processes used in Livingtree’s program are uniquely supported by Dr. Constantino’s Five Simple Principles of Family Engagement™ model. Livingtree is the only company that can offer the combination of research, best practice, and state-of-the-art technology. This combination leads districts to a sustained family engagement process over-time, that fully increases student academic outcomes.

If your district is ready to properly lay the groundwork and invest in family engagement to produce better student outcomes, then talk with us about how to get started!

Sustaining Family Engagement