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A Transformative Program to Enhance Family Engagement

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State departments, regional education associations, and school districts across the country are using Livingtree's program to enhance family engagement

Aberdeen School District

Most school districts struggle to effectively engage families in their child's learning. We created a program to help school staff create authentic family engagement that improves student learning.

Honestly, are your current family engagement strategies closing achievement gaps and improving student learning?

Family engagement is a leading driver in students' academic success, yet most school districts see no improvements from their efforts. Why is that?

Teachers Don't Receive Training On Family Engagement

Family Engagement is typically not a topic that is covered in teacher preparation programs, leaving teachers without any knowledge about why family engagement is essential, what good family engagement looks like, and how to engage families.

It is therefore critical that districts build the capacity of all of their staff members on how to effectively engage families.

Too Many Efforts in Family Engagement are Spent on Events

A common misconception is that schools must host events and get families to physically attend school functions. However, research has shown that the most powerful family engagement that best promotes student learning happens outside of school.

The challenge for school districts is to focus less on hosting events at school, and more on finding ways to effectively reach families in ways that promote family efficacy and engagement outside of school.

Today's School & Classroom Tools Are Centered on Communication

Todays' tools often encourage staff members to communicate to families, and lack features that promote two-way conversation, invite family dialogue and feedback, or allow for trusting partnerships. Many of these tools, even when purchased, do not include training to help educators effectively use the technology to promote engagement in student learning.

In order to achieve authentic engagement, educators must have conversations with families that promote efficacy.

Families Are Overloaded with Communication Apps

Families are often overwhelmed by the uncoordinated technology across classrooms and schools. When one teacher uses an app, another uses social media, the school sends emails, and other information is on a website or parent portal, families can't keep up - creating frustration and leading to disengagement.

That's why districts need a unified solution across all of their schools.

What if you could equip school staff with research-based strategies and a platform that better connects them with their students' families?

Livingtree's Family Engagement Program is the only one of its kind that engages families to improve student learning outcomes. The program combines the knowledge, training, and strategies that educators need with a platform for uniformly connecting with families to create authentic family engagement across schools that enhances student learning.

School staff engage in research-based professional development workshops  to create a shift in practices that lead to enhanced student learning by learning about:

  • The impact of family engagement on learning 
  • The components of engagement
  • Keys to empowering families to enhance their child's learning
  • Highly effective strategies for engaging families specific to the Livingtree Engage platform. 

Schools Participate in Capacity Building Professional Development


Schools Implement the Livingtree Engage Platform


The Engage platform is packed with tools to connect with families in one place and enhance family engagement in student learning. Whether you want to advance family engagement in the classroom, post a newsletter across the district, or issue an urgent alert, Livingtree Engage unifies everything on one platform to ensure families are connected with their child's teachers, school, and district. The platform encourages two-way conversations, and family dialogue and feedback, strengthening communication and enhancing family engagement.

Measure and Sustain Family Engagement Efforts


The Livingtree Engage platform provides valuable data and insights on engagement that can be measured against targeted student learning outcomes. Through the program, Livingtree will help you gather, analyze, and make recommendations to help enhance engagement.

The result of the program is a sustainable family engagement process that moves districts forward to achieving authentic family engagement.

Your success is our success

We don't just sell a piece of technology; we make sure your district's staff understands why and how to use it so they can achieve the ultimate result: better student learning outcomes. And we're here to help!

You can't buy a "communication" application and expect that it will enhance family engagement and improve student learning on its own. Technology is an effective vehicle for engaging families, but it is not the driver - your staff is. That's why we ensure everyone has the same training, the same knowledge, and the same understanding of family engagement and how to effectively engage families using ONE platform that all of your families can depend on.

Do More Than Communicate

Our Team Here to Help

Livingtree's Customer Support and Success teams are here for you! They make it easy to set up your district's professional development and smoothly implement the Livingtree Engage platform across your district.

Plus, Livingtree's staff is available to help your families, staff, and administration all year long, with top tier service available via live chat, email, and phone.

Created for school districts just like yours

Currently being utilized by state departments, regional education associations, and school districts across the country

"Every school struggles with family engagement and if you’re like us, we aren’t sure exactly what to target to make improvements because it is overwhelming. After attending today I feel like we can take on the bits and pieces slowly over time without adding anything new." 

Anna Sell, Principal

"The workshop was very very helpful today. We looked at why family engagement is important, what family engagement is, and how schools, parents, and students can works together for achievement for everyone. This was such a great opportunity for us to collaborate, we had a chance to learn new ideas, highly effective strategies for increasing student achievement, and we are excited to explore more with Livingtree." 

Jessica Stein, Family Engagement Coordinator

"I came today thinking that I was going to learn how to use some new technology to communicate with my parents, and after spending the day I’m realizing that I actually learned a lot of new ways and ideas, and kind of a whole general philosophy of how to help my families be more excited and engaged in their kids’ learning" 

Jan, Kindergarten Teacher

"I really recommend this full day training on family engagement versus just a logistical piece of a technology program. Because today, 3 days before our families came in, my entire staff feels so confident about ways to connect with families and I think we now have purpose and intention in looking at ways we connect with families that we would not have gotten had we just bought technology." 

Christi Brzycki, Principal

Ready to transform family engagement in your district and improve student learning?

Learn how your district can enhance family engagement. Our team will walk you through the entire program, go through what's covered in our professional development, and show how the Engage platform can be utilized to better connect with families across every school.

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App Overload: Why K-12 School Districts, Parents, and Teachers Need a Better Way to Engage

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Finding the right platform to facilitate this level of engagement can be challenging because there are so many different factors to consider. That's why our guide has narrowed down the four main capabilities your K-12 Engagement platform must have, and examines the best practices for K-12 school districts to implement a platform. Simply enter your email to download the guide.

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A Transformative Program to Enhance Family Engagement

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