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Answers to some of the questions that you may have as you get started with Livingtree Give


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can I contact if I need help using my LT Give account?
A: Contact Livingtree's Customer Support Team for help regarding any aspect of using your LT Give account.  Click 
here for contact methods and hours of operation.

Q: What are my LT Give account login credentials and how will I receive them?
A: Your State PTA organization will provide your account's login credentials.  If you are having trouble accessing your account using the above suggestions, please contact your State PTA Organization for help.

Q: Where can I login to my account?
A: You can login to your LT Give account here: 

Q: How can I change my account password?
A: If you have forgotten your LT Give account password, click 
here to learn how to change your password from within your LT Give account settings.  Alternatively, click here to learn how you can reset your password from the LT login screen.



Track Donations - Reporting

Q: What is the LT Give Platform for State PTAs?  What can I do with my LT Give account?

A: The LT Give Platform for State PTAs is a robust fundraising solution for State PTA Organizations and their constituent PTAs. You (PTAs) will be able to create online fundraising campaigns, promote them, track and access campaign donation funds. Your State PTA organization will be able to oversee and track campaign donation funds as well. 

Funds Collection - PayPal

Livingtree Give for State PTAs - PayPal Account FAQs

Q: Is a PayPal account required to be able to collect donations on Livingtree Give?
A: Yes, a PayPal account is required for you to be able to collect funds from Livingtree Give campaigns. 

Q: What reports do I have to be able to see my campaign’s donation transaction activity?

A: You can access transaction reports from both your PayPal and Livingtree Give accounts to see donation activity that is occurring.  Click here to learn more about PayPal activity reports.  Click here for information on Livingtree Give reports.

Click the button below to review our PayPal Account FAQs which includes detailed information about how Livingtree Give works with PayPal, how to sign up for a PayPal account, donation funds access and more

Q:  How are donation funds routed from my LT Give campaign to my PayPal account?

A:  After signing up for your PayPal account, you will need to “link” it to your LT Give account in order to begin receiving donations from your campaigns.

Q: Where can review more information about my Livingtree Give account settings?
A: Click
here to review our support articles collection with information about your Livingtree Give account settings.

Q: What are the per-transaction fees for donations?
A: The total per-transaction fee is 9% + .30c per transaction (which is deducted from the total transaction)
.  The breakdown is 2.9% + .30c for PayPal's standard processing fee and 6.1% for LT Give's fee.

Campaign Creation

How to Create a Campaign - Video Walkthrough

Note: At the end of the video, a "Submit" button is shown.  Instead, in your account, you will click the "Publish" button to publish your campaign.


Additional support resources to help you get the most from your Livingtree Give account

Additional Resources


Campaign Promotion

Online tools and strategies to help you promote your Livingtree Give campaign

Getting Started Guides for

State PTAs


Information and a walkthrough on how to create a fundraising campaign on Livingtree Give

Campaign Creation


Information regarding how Livingtree Give works with PayPal, how to access campaign funds, etc

Funds Collection - PayPal