Parent Manual

Welcome to Livingtree!

We've provided this comprehensive manual to help familiarize you with Livingtree Engage so you can begin interacting with your school today.

Editing Your Profile Preferences

To access your profile preferences, you will hover your cursor over Options, located in the top right, and then select “My Profile” from the drop down menu. Afterwards you will choose “Edit Profile and Preferences.”

The most significant information to update is your phone number and language preference. 

Providing a current phone number will allow you to receive important notifications sent out by school faculty and staff via text alerts. This way you are always in the loop, even on the go.

 If your native language differs from the default, chances are it is supported from the 100+ languages offered by our translation feature which translates all conversation posts, inbox messages and calendar events to the language of your choice. 

Towards the bottom you’ll find communication preferences that let you manage how and for what specific content you receive notifications.

After making any updates to your profile preferences, make sure you select "Save" to confirm the changes. 

Editing Your Family's Information

Adding a Family Member

Using the Inbox

Using the Calendar

Using the Conversations Page

First access your family network by click on "My Network" icon located in the top main menu.  To make edits to your family click on its corresponding pencil icon. Here you can upload a family photo and enter any family information you would like shared with your Livingtree Network. Click on "Save Changes" to confirm

You can edit your child’s information by clicking on his or her pencil icon. This will open up a window where you can update personal information and upload a photo for his or her profile. Click on “Save Changes” to confirm.

You can add another child to your family by clicking on “Add Another.” You will be prompted to input his or her information. Click on “Done” to save.

Under each child in your family, their group connections will be visible under their name. To remove them from any of those connections, click on the “X” of the respective group.

To invite a family member first access your family network and then click on the “Invite” icon found in the parents layer.

You can invite an existing user in your Livingtree Network by inputting and selecting his or her name in the search bar. You can invite a new user by typing his or her email in the box below the search bar. Click on “Send Invite” to confirm. 

The inbox provides you a private medium to communicate with your child’s teacher and other family members. To access, select the “Inbox” icon in the top main menu.

To compose a message, click on the corresponding button. You will then type in the recipient’s name and select it from the auto-populated results. Please note that you will only be able to message users that are members of the groups you are connected to. After drafting your message, click on “Send” to deliver.

The calendar will give you view of the school events scheduled by your child’s teacher and school staff. To access, select the “Calendar” icon in the top main menu.

If you’d like to create an event, click on any of the corresponding links. You will then input all pertinent information and click on “Save & Exit” to publish the event.

You can subscribe your Livingtree calendar to an external calendar. Those supported are Outlook, iCal and Google. You will first click on “Subscribe” in the top right corner. You will then be given a URL which you will copy and paste into the “Add Subscription” feature of your external calendar (Example with Google). New events added to your Livingtree calendar will automatically sync with your external calendar.

The conversations page is where you will create, share and comment on posts published by the school faculty and parents connected to your groups. It is the landing page upon logging in. It can also be accessed by clicking on its icon in the top main menu. 

The Group Filter bar displays all the family and group connections in your Livingtree Network. You can filter your news feed to display content specific to each of your groups by clicking on the respective group’s name in the Group Filter bar. Click on “Clear Filter” to revert back to the default news feed display of all group content.

 You can filter the post type in your news feed to only show you posts that are pinned (saved for future reference), posts with files, posts with photos/videos, event posts or user specific posts. Click on “All” to return to the default display of all post types.

To create a post, click on “Share a message…” located above the news feed. You will then fill out all pertinent information, choose your audience and click on “Post” to publish.

Once a post is published you and others can interact with it by commenting on it, “liking” it, pinning it and sharing it with other group members. 

The default display will show events of the current week. It can be adjusted to exhibit past and future events by clicking on the left and right arrows at the top. To the right are buttons allowing you to change the scope of the calendar to a day or month.

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